You may not have heard of Ralph G. Degli Obizzi and Sons, but chances are you know our work. We've been involved in projects from the Christiana Hilton Hotel to the Gander Hill Security Facility. We've worked on educational institutions from Rising Sun High School to the University of Delaware. We've done sensitive jobs like upgrading the emergency area at The Christiana Care Hospital; tough jobs like lifting 25 ton pieces of equipment 80 feet in the air to install new scrubber technology for a DuPont incinerator; tricky jobs like renovating the DuPont Nemours building's entire HVAC system while the structure remained occupied. And in doing it all, we've worked for some of the states biggest names, like DuPont, Zeneca and the Winterthur Museum. We've won awards for excellence in construction. And more important, won the confidence of our customers, big and small.

Ralph G Degli Obizzi
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